Special Session on the topic of “Clean Energy System and Community Applications”

Special Session; Clean Energy System and Community Applications
Organized by Centre of Excellent on Clean Energy System (CES-RMTUL) 

Chair: Asst. Prof. Dr. Jutturit Thongpron 

Centre of Excellent on Clean Energy System (CES-RMTUL) 

Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL), Thailand

 Email: jutturit@rmutl.ac.th, dhirasak@gmail.com 

 Mobile Phone: +66995245162

Co-chair:  Dr. Teerasak Somsak 

Centre of Excellent on Clean Energy System (CES-RMTUL)

Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL), Thailand

 Email: dhirasak@rmutl.ac.th, jutturit@gmail.com

 Mobile Phone: +66821451519 

Clean Energy System and Community Applications is a special session focused on the system integrations of clean energy sources, intelligent transmissions, and community load applications. This session is not limited to Clean Energy Systems and Community Applications technology studies but also reviews, characterizations, standardizations, applications, designs, constructions, testing, analyses, and improvements in the view point of Electrical Engineering. 

Clean energy sources may be Solar, Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Hybrid, and other electricity, System power and Energy Balancing, Modelling, Controlled, Simulation, Testing, and Applications. 

Intelligent transmission of electric power and energy such as HV AC or DC transmission, Power conditioner, Smart grid, Mini/microgrid, Island grid, Isolated grid, Standalone, Grid-connected, Bi-directional transmission systems. Wireless power transfer (WPT) is no limit to Inductive WPT, Capacitive WPT, Hybrid WPT, Static or Dynamic WPT, Wireless EV charger, EV Charging Standards, and applications. 

Storage system and modern Lithium-ion and Lead-acid Batteries, Charging and Discharging Characteristics, Characterization techniques, Management system, Home Battery, Electric Vehicle (EV), EV battery, Drone battery, and applications are intended to discuss.  

Community applications that focus on the usages of clean energy sources, intelligent transmissions and wireless power transfer, storage system and batteries for the Community, Village, Island, Industry, Office, Home, Electric Load, the Grid, and New Situations electrical engineering projects are appreciated to this session. Also, the design, construction, testing, and improvement of the electrical appliances such as EV, Drone, Water Pumping, Motor Drives, Appliances, Tool, Machines, and others are covered. Nevertheless, the evaluations on Electrical Engineering Project, Technical, Economic, Social, Technology Readiness Level, Social Readiness Level, Value Chain, Supply Chain, and so on, are interested in the presentation. 

The system integrations such as Internet of things (IoT), Wireless Communications, Sensing, Acquisition, Data Logging, Monitoring, Analysis, Management, Evaluation, and Creativity are highlights to learn in this session.

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