Presentation Guidelines

For the presenter:

The keynote speaker talks will be 30-minute long, with an additional 10-minute question-answer session.

For the invited papers, the presentation is 15-minute, with an additional 5-minute question-answer session.

For the regular papers, the presentation is 12-minute, with an additional 3-minute question-answer session. The timing will be strict, and session chairs would be requested to stop speakers exceeding the 15-minute presentation slot.

For all on-site sessions: please come to the presentation room before 10-minute to copy your presentation file to the computer.

For all Hybrid and online session:

  1. Please login to Zoom 15-min before the session start, and change your Zoom name to Paper ID and your registration name. For example, (P0xxxx) Kidsanapong Puntsri.
  2. Please make sure your internet connection is stable!!! In case of your internet connection is unreliable; please send your recoded presentation video to: by Monday, March 7, 2022 (FIRM deadline).
  3. Please indicate your paper ID and also paper title in the email. However, you have to stay with us to answer questions.
  4. Please use the Q&A function in Zoom for questions.
  5. Please follow up on the program update on the website.