Special Session on the topic of "Battery Charging Technology"

Special session: Battery Charging Technology

Session Organizer(s): Yuttana Kumsuwan (CMU, Thailand) Email: yt@eng.cmu.ac and Anon Namin (RMUTL, Thailand) Email: anamin@rmutl.ac.th


The integration of battery electric vehicle, power converters for battery charger and battery management system (BMS) in modern electric vehicle requires increasingly advanced control techniques to ensure efficient and effective operation.

This special session is devoted to the dissemination of results, both theoretical and applied, concerning control and optimization in battery charging technology and new topologies for charging systems. Techniques may be implemented on-board/off-board charger, conducted- and inductive (wireless) charger, by using process and design optimization tools or modeling. Studies in new and emerging application areas are encouraged, especially, but not exclusively, in the following areas:

• Battery Electric Vehicles

• Novel topology and charging control

• Novel BMS techniques

• IoT applications in emerging fields such as renewable energy, battery storage, etc.

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